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Meet The Team

Run by Women For Women

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Mrs Raquel Jaffe


Shlucha and co director of Chabad Lubavitch. Raquel has an open heart, an open house, and is the proud mother of 13 children, and 4 grandchildren ‘KNH’. 

She is involved with several charities supporting children, youth and people facing life challenges. 

Raquel's cool head, sensitivity and attention to detail are a great asset to the team at Eema Care.


Joanne Freedman


Joanne has joined the Eema Care team as our fundraiser. She brings unstoppable energy and passion to support those around her. With an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn, she’s always ready to jump into the task at hand. After years of fundraising within the Jewish community, Joanne is thrilled to help provide Eema Care with much needed funds, to allow us to provide a fabulous service to single mums across the UK.  


Lucy Feingold

Board Member 
Clinical Supervisor

Lucy is a BACP registered, qualified private practice psychotherapist, working with Eema Care and the trustees of JAMH, in an advisory capacity for both.


Although now remarried, Lucy was a single mum of three small children and brings her personal experiences and wealth of professional knowledge to the table, in order to assist Eema Care’s service users in the best way possible.


Helen Woolf

Board Member
Case Support Worker

Having gone through divorce and now happily remarried, Helen understands the struggles that single mothers face and knows the importance of having a strong network around you.

With two amazing children herself and three wonderful  stepchildren in her blended family, Helen hopes to bring
a supportive and listening ear.  She herself has  twenty years in the community teaching children plus counselling and mental health qualifications.

Get involved, we're here to help each other.

We are looking for volunteers.

You might have experience, time, skills and ideas. Please get in touch!

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